Sunday, June 28, 2009

Misfits of Science: Eye of Thundera

My mother just called from Kuantan.

In the middle of my father's oat dinner, his right eyelid, the nerves of which were affected by the stroke, opened voluntarily, after five weeks.

Amidst an excited report from my mother, my heart did a skip.

Score for science! AND God.

While my siblings and I researched frantically on the net on how stroke patients recover, and arranging a low-cholesterol, low sodium, low sugar diet, my mother was praying dilligently to God for my father's health.

Seems that our double-pronged approach worked.


Fuck off stupidity! Move over ignorance!

We are the misfits of science! Science! TESLA!


My intention is only to get him to walk unaided again. Maybe drive his tractor.

And start a spice mine of Kessel. I mean, start a spice field.