Thursday, June 25, 2009

Noir in the Afternoon

So I ran some last errands at Bangsar, then went to PJ.

Take a walk down the streets of Section 14, and you wish Section 9* would come and get your ass. Get the Major** to tie you up and beat you senseless.

I remember this side of town. It was the first part of town I saw when I came to KL in 1998 to register at a UM residential college and was told by Guy Behind the Desk that that day was 'chicken rice day' at the dining hall and he is to go and eat something he did not pay for and that I was keeping him from those fantastic plates of haram chicken rice.

He told me I couldn't move in unless I brought three passport-sized photos and photocopies of all my documents. I spied a copier behind him, and he immediately said it was broken. He wouldn't even let me set down my luggage much less get the keys in advance.

All because of free chicken rice at the dining hall.

So, I went to Section 14 and got it all done in half an hour and went back just in time to bug the guy as he was on his second plate of chicken rice.

I was walking down old, familiar roads, with the addition of fallen rubble from the latest Section 14 tragedy, when God bodyslammed four massage parlours down my path.

Tried as I might, I couldn't resist and popped into one with the most Thai women inside.

"Massage sir?"

Two hours for RM80.

During the massage, the lady started pointing to her bulging biceps and muscular back.

"I massage, hap many mussels."

"Okay. Good. Then you'd be strong."

"No, not st-tong. Just hap."

Two hours later, I exited and, as a mark of remembrance, went and had a chicken rice dish for lunch at KFC.

Made many phone calls, putting the final pieces in place. I am off to Kuantan today and will only be back Saturday. I am pushing some of my associates to the fore. to take over my duties from me, and today was a trial for one of them.

Passed with flying colours. He asked for all the right information and was quick to act when stumbling upon anything he did not understand or was unclear with. And he was 15 minutes AHEAD of schedule.

Nowadays, for my projects, I only work with people I can rely on. Other people, no matter how good they claim to be, if they don't deliver, then fuck off and die. I got my own shit to handle and though I can give information when needed, I can't be forcing everything down everyone's throats. And damn me to hell if I'm going to take responsibility for other people's fuck-ups.

On my way back, I had an invigorating fight with a ninja and a masterless Samurai. Took a cab, and now on my way to Kuantan - the heart of darkness.

* GiTS*** - Ed

** Major Motoko Kusanagi from GiTS - Ed

*** Ghost in the Shell, manga and anime, Masamune Shirow