Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Adventures of Boron

I am so bloody tired and sleepy. So I got myself a coffee.

The Ikea people came and installed some shit this morning. Then, it was off to a meeting with a director.

After that, I set up two more meetings tomorrow.

And after meeting a former colleague at The Curve as well as an auditor, I am now in Bangsar, waiting for another director.

Another meeting.

After this one, I have another meeting at 9 or 10.

After that, I need to go home and start doing stuff.

If I put anything off for the weekend, I won't have time for everything.

All this, because I am setting things up for when I would have less time.

A lot of delegation would be done, cause I can't be everywhere at the same time.

My greatness can only cover so much ground.

If only I was this busy in January, Febuary and March.

Those months, I was basically fiddling with my dick.

Oh well. Busy is good.

I guess.

I just wish I had someone to suck my cock or something, when I get home.