Monday, June 22, 2009

The Outdoor Adventures of the Famous Boron - the World's Most Boring Man!

I am outside at the moment. Just completed a meeting, where I compressed a usual 2 hour endeavour into just 20 minutes.

I have always believed that meetings should be short, succint and to the point.

Just yes, no, all right, how much and done!

But that's just me. Other people might work best under different circumstances.

In 80s Japan, for instance, the ancient bosses would prefer to spend hours contemplating before making any overt offers and decisions.

In 80s US, some companies hold 5 minute meetings.

At an old company I worked, we have meetings once a year, at a mid-range restaurant.

It's not treated like a meeting, but more as a 'thing where friends and family get together and kill each other'.

Anyway, I called my potential housemate and said that I may be living, sans housemate, in Bangsar.

But the housemate is welcome to come over and use my apartment as a halfway house.

Can even stay there, if the housemate's stuff stays somewhere else.

Am at an old apartment, waiting for the landlady to give me my deposit.

I varnished the parquet and installed a hand bidet. And paid 500 dollars worth of bills. She better give me my deposit back. Which is why I am also getting my machete back only today. The machete is under the sink.

If I get pissed off, all I can say is - "it was done in self defense!"

After this, I need to go to Bangsar and deposit my cheque.

And then back home, to finish a script and start on my other project.

This project has me working with two other people, but it feels like I'm doing everything on my own.

Which means, what?, MOAR money for meh?

Naahhh. I will be missing soon, so they will have to pick up the slack.

It's a give and take, I guess. I know I can rely on them.

Wednesday, I am expecting some cheques. They have been due for some time, and I hope everything is okay.

Also, I got an interesting SMS which I can only respond to when I get to a place with Internet connection.

I have also revived my comics projects. Hopefully, I can pitch to Image and enter DC's comics competition by the end of the year. Maybe even publish it in Singapore.

So, lots of things on my mind and my plate. But I believe that if I keep on doing 20 minute meetings, I can probably make sure everything runs like clockwork, even with added responsibility.