Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Delirium: Duke Nukem

What am I doing, up at 4.39am?

I have diarrhea! Been going to the toilet every two hours or so, and that's only when its rumblings can't be contained anymore.

I think it's probably the antibiotics I'm taking. Antibiotics are known to cause diarrhea.

But. There is another explanation. I've been coughing and this diarrhea could be from - RADIATION POISONING.

It could be that somebody launched a nuclear missile at me while I slept. Goddamn cowards!

If you want to launch a nuke at me, at least have the decency to send me an e-mail or something.

Now my sleep has been disrupted. Goddamn nuclear warheads.

Oh, by the way, Malaysia might be nuclear-powered sometime soon. Knowing our beureaucracy, the next generation of Malaysians might be developing superpowers from the leak.

We will be raising mutants.

I imagine drinking coffee at a roadside cafe when a band of mutants show up and start killing people.

Professor M: Cum to me, my X-Men!

And then The Spectre would visit me and force me to be a witness Armageddon. From the Book o Revelations, foo!