Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tales from the Drunk Side: White Men Can't Sing

I just got back from yet another fine night of erm...merrygandering at a Pub for Dead Men.

There, I stunned the white people with my singing voice, which is no doubt, as melodious as Orpheus'.

Thus, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that despite Sinatra and Josh Grope-your-mom, white men simply can't sing.

I mean, one of them, during my powerful rendition of whatever the fuck, tried to suck my dick. As an act of sabotage.

And then when I spurned his advances, he ran away. Not only was he gay, he also lost in singing. FAIL. LOSER.


Anyway, here's more proof that white men can't sing, since this next guy is a fucking Juwe:

I love Juwes.