Tuesday, July 8, 2008

House of Mystery

When I found out, I can safely say that I was not entirely surprised.

I mean, I declare myself as the most righteous motherfucker the world has ever known. But deep down inside, I know that is not true. EVERYONE is a righteous motherfucker.
EVeryone wants to be right. No one wants to be wrong.

On occasion, I wanted so badly to be wrong. But I never was. And I would often try to tell people about the REAL truth behind things, but I later realize that for some people, the truth is some kind of poison.

And, in the words of Morpheus the Dream King, as written by the Great Neil Gaiman, "It is a fool's prerogative to utter truths that no one else would."

More often than not, I AM that fool. I WAS that fool. Right now, I am too old. too ANCIENT. Too long in the tooth to actually risk life and limb and force people to face reality.

There are those whom you are afraid to lie to, so you will always tell them the truth. Then there are those whom you are afraid to tell the truth to. And this batch is more varied. More common, though they think themselves as special.

Let us just, for the sake of false peace, agree to discard this truth I have discovered behind the mask of loyalty, obseiance and love. And let it be buried behind my cursed and gifted eyes and mind.

For if you want a fool, they're having a sale soon. I'm afraid, that I quit being that.

No more. This is done. Good luck.