Monday, July 21, 2008

Gone with the (Hot) Wind

A girl asked me today, "How can people be so cruel?"

And I said, "Well, fiddle-dee-dee!"

I don't know, really. I can use my enormous, bulbous intellect to justify anything. To intellectualize everything. To explain as to the science of, the whys and the whats of cruelty.

Hell, I can point a few fingers. Education. Society. Economic forces, race, religion, The Briggs Plan, Oprah, whatever.

But the truth is, I don't know.

Conceit, the desire for other people to see them as superior beings, without actually being superior beings, pretentiousness, schadenfreude, or just plain, normal evil-NESS.

I don't know. I don't have the answers. What do I look like, Buddha or something? I'm not that fat. I lost 14kg, foo!

Self-preservation is a popular one. But that's bullshit. How much do you need to preserve yourself anyway? Just a few gallons of embalming fluid.

And this was a serious question, from a very serious person.

Since I am the centre of the universe, I look back to myself to find answers.

Once, in my youth, I used to want to be a superhero. In my arrogance, I wanted to save everybody. Save the world. Wage war on crime. With the power of hope and spirit of truth and things with molecular structure and THIS. IS. MY. BOOMSTICK!

Then I discovered the awful truth. The world is on a slow suicide and doesn't want any help other than to hasten its pathetic demise.

Some people gave me the best advice they think they could give - just pretend as if nothing is wrong. Just join the ranks, the legions of people who decide to sleep in the fire. The smoke will get to them first, and they will die without ever feeling the flames touch their bodies.

Just live in denial, man. After all, it's none of your fucking business. I mean, if it's not YOUR daughter that's getting raped by vegetables, who the fuck cares, right?

If somebody is trying to manipulate other people into doing something bad to another bad person, then so be it. Everyone deserve each other. Politicians deserve each other. And the people and their Governments deserve each other.


More apathy! More apathy! Just keep your heads low and your tail between your legs.

Because while idealism and justice asks you to stand, conforming only asks that you kneel with the rest of the deadites. It's always easier to kneel.

And who am I to say anything? Who the fuck am I? Just leave it be, and take it up the ass. Like everyone else.

Even though I say I am 8 years old, I wish I have the conviction of an 8-year-old. I wish I can say things for sure. I wish that I am that kid again who wants to put right anything that's wrong, but there is no right or wrong. No black and white. There's only gray - made up of tiny little blacks and whites.

I wish...I wish I have a Ferrari. And then I'd sell it and buy a Tesla Roadster.

Oh well. Fiddle-dee-dee. I shall think about it tomorrow, for tomorrow is another day.