Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Miss You

I scratched my balls (edited. Previously misspelled as ballas) as I balanced the receiver on the side of my head.

Me: I don't think this is working.

She: What is not working?

Me: This long distance relationship thing. Tell me what you're wearing.

She: SHiny things.

Me: Are you wet?

She: Always.

Me: I miss you. I always do. Not a day goes by without me dreaming I'm inside you.

She: Fuck.

Me: Yes, please.

She: No, that was corny-

Me: I know.

She: - but I'm horny. More.

Me: Well, when I'm with you, I'm not paranoid anymore. I am at the source of power. I am safe and warm -

She: Hot.

Me: Hot. And nothing, absolutely nothing could hurt me.

She: So when you coming over?

Me: As soon as I can. Maybe during Ramadan.

She: Well, I gotta go. Lots of clients. Good night, Amir.

Me: Good night, Bangkok.