Saturday, July 19, 2008

Delirium: Exclusive Photos of Anwar's Arrest

This morning, some idiot dropped some photos stolen from various websites on my front door.

I looked at them and saw that these were actually photos of Anwar's arrest, which no one has!

I present them to you, along with some excerpts from a mysterious tape also dropped in front of my apartment.

Anwar Ibrahim, was one day doing his political thing when suddenly...

A baclava-head officer stopped him.

"You must follow us and be arrested and shit like that," said the baclava-head officer.

"Why?" asked Anwar back to baclava-head officer.

"Because you are accuseed of butthurting that man, nyeee!"

And Anwar said, "Ek elehhhh. I Iz Not GAY! M'kaayyy? Has wifey!"

"Code 411. We need backup. Anwar is ...not cooperating."

The Robocop showed up. Things were quickly resolved after that.

"I'll get you back, Robobaclava!" Anwar yelled on top of LUNG!

Tune in next time to catch more fever-induced baclava nightmares. Same Baclava time, same baclava channel.