Wednesday, July 2, 2008

People Unclear on the Concept

NOTE: This is an Anwar article. (Ini iklan racun perosak)

The best advice as a leader I ever got was from Black Bolt. See, Black Bolt is the leader of the Inhuman - a branch of humans which took a different path in evolution.

In short, every Inhuman has a special power. There's more to it, but let's just keep it simple. Black Bolt's super power is the sonic scream. With a mere whisper, he could level mountains. If he yelled at the top of his lungs, he could destroy worlds, maybe even universes.

Therefore, to prevent himself from destroying the world, Black Bolt remains mute. He would meditate an hour before going to sleep every single day so that he wouldn't unconciously utter a single word that could destroy his city.

With that kind of responsibility weighing over his head, what would he say to his people, if he had the chance?


Chill. Cool.

Because whether you push the panic button or not, whether there is drama or no, things still need to be done. In a calm and orderly manner.

There is a time for action, and a time for dialogue, and a time for quiet reflection as well.

People went crazy over the Saiful Bahari allegations. The young man (I'm a full five years older, foo!) lodged a police report saying that Anwar buggered him. Journalists would know that this is where the money is. The story of the day.


For some people, unclear on the concept, a police report is a ruling from a judge. For others, it's a document from the Government admitting conspiracy and such.

I have been a journalist for only a few years now. But I have seen my fair share of police reports. In fact, I was there when some of the biggest police reports in Malaysian history were lodged. I even helped two people - a friend and family member - to lodge their own police reports.

Big butt-fucking deal, a police report. It is only the first step to something bigger. And that could take years, if not decades, to resolve.

I mean, as soon as a police report is lodged, then there would be an investigation. A proper one. Then you can file for a case. Then there would be a prima facie hearing. Prima facie, according to some lawyer friends, means that the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff/accuser to show that he/she has a case.

THEN there will be a hearing. IF there is a case. In a civil case, if the original is thrown out because of lack of evidence or sheer stupidity, the other party can then counter-sue. If it's a criminal case, well, then that's different.

So this is a long ride and too soon to make any sort of judgement yet, which is the right and privilege of the judge.

It will take MONTHS at the very LEAST for things to get any semblance of being resolved.

Meantime, I myself can lodge a police report saying that Samy Vellu committed libel against me in his blog, which he has since deleted. All false, of course. And whose face would be on the papers then?

So to jump up and down now like an idiot in heat is ultimately stupid.

In Black Bolt's unspoken word - Relax.