Friday, July 11, 2008

Tales from the Drunk Side: Happy Birthday, Dr M

Today, or rather last night, I salute my Main Man. Dr M, yo! The Chronic. New World Order.

Mr NWO, straight out of Kubang Pasu, you better make way.

When I was in high school, I was not a Dr M fan or supporter. I was on the side of Soros. Because I wanted to be Super Soros.

My sympathies turned in 1998, when people were crucifying him on the streets. They were calling him MahaZalim, the called him a megalomaniac, they said he was senile, and power hungry and crazy. And they called him Baby CheDet.

See, Babyrina was Malaysia's pioneers in porn. Her naked pictures were distributed everywhere. So during the advent of the Reformasi movement, some of my friends photoshopped Babyrina's nude photos and pasted Dr M's face on them. They dubbed the new creation BabyCheDet.

Such was the hatred spewed on the man. So much so that I began to take his side. I was thoroughly supporting him, in my own small way, since that day till now.

I was especially proud when he tai-chi-mastered his way around a hostile CNBC interview.

CNBC: Why did you sack your deputy?

Dr M: I didn't sack him. The courts charged him with abuse of power and sodomy. Should I make an exception because he was my deputy? Is anyone above the law? Should there be?

CNBC: is Vision 2020?


Love him or hate him, Dr M is one in a billion generations. He was the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

When Bosnia got raped, Dr M mobilized NAM and kicked Serbia's ass. I was always pleasantly surprised by the old man.

I mean, sure, he had his faults. SOme of his decisions were and still are questionable. He might have done some cold-hearted shit now and then.

Honestly, though, he was not MahaZalim. I would have done worse. If I was the Prime Minister back then, I would have just killed anyone who stood in my way.

And then blame it on PIS-M.

THAT would have been MahaZalim. But the true test of power is in not using it. And where others have failed, Dr M has prevailed.

He was and still is the best leader for this country EVER.

He didn't give a shit about what people thought of him. He didn't give a fuck. He just did his job and he did it good.

Working in politics with Malays is NEVER a walk in the park. Malays are the most political creatures on the planet. But he showed the way, with a swagger and shit.

It is sad that at 83 years old, the old man still has to fight for the country. His move to get out of UMNO was a desperate one, designed to inspire urgency. Because he could sense the desperate times ahead. Something that ALL and sundry have failed to notice.

THERE IS A STORM COMING OUR WAY, FOO! And I'm not talking about a sodomy storm.

Bleargh. Whatever. Fuck all this shit.

Anyway, happy birthday, Dr M. I wish, selfishly, for another 83 years. And I wonder how much more you have to give.