Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prostatots, Religion and I Am an Old Man

"We need religion," said the guy.

"What for?" I asked, hypothetically, of course.

"So that we can make money. Capitalize on the whole shit."

"We need religion," said another, "As guidance on how to live our lives."

"Do not make John Lennon's words true," said the guy. "Otherwise, how can we make money? Religion causes division and terrorism and bigotry and misunderstandings. Do you really want to live in a world where the news is all about ponies and fairies?"

I live now, today, when there are such words as PROSTATOTS.

PROSTATOTS - (n) A preteen girl who dresses like a prostitute.

Clear heels and all, motherfucker! Just go and see how the kids below 12 today are dressing up. I saw some with vests, knee-high boots or Mary-Janes, short neon-green tutu skirts. And braces.

And kids below 12 usually have very little say about the way they dress. It's usually the parents' choice. So when the mother is repressed cause she didn't have the chance to dress up like a ho, she would impose the kind of dressing that would ensure her getting picked up at Brickfields for RM30, on her daughter.

"It's okay," they say. "She hasn't had her period yet. No aurat."

Yeah, but that doesn't stop sick pedos from raping them with vegetable.

Look, I'm no moralist. I don't even have any dignity, though I have honour. Dignity = maruah. Honour cannot be translated into Malay properly.

I mean, I LOVE Thai prostitutes. I find a kindred spirit in them and make connections with them all the time. More often than not, I consider that I am the same as the Thai hookers. We are in the same fucking predicament.

And I would freely give up my life if I could save the lives of the hos in Thailand.

Back to Prostatots.

It would have been fine if the parents actually made sure that the prostatots are under surveillance or are trained to deal with the big, bad world.

Most of the time, they just leave the kids, low-riding skirt and plunging neckline wandering alone at pasar malams. If I was a pervert, I could have just nabbed the prostatots and throw her in my as-yet non-existent SUV.

Then it's prepubescent raping time, motherfucker!

So I live in a world of prostatots. In a world where all the loopholes in the original religions are exploited for man's own bullshit.

So pardon me if I believe that something is wrong, somewhere.

My pimp senses have been tingling for 28 years. The only reprieve is when I get to Thailand and can finally relax.

So yeah, I am an old man. I look ten years older than I am, and I feel even older. Most of the interesting conversations I have are with people much, much older than I am. I am beginning to find people my age or within range as boring.

They are all caught up with stupid shit like high-school politics and BREEDING. BREEDING, BREEDING, BREEDING. Just apply pressure on your dick or vagina, and stop the fucking breeding already!

Or better yet, just cover your mouth and shut the fuck up about breeding. It's not even sexy. It's disgusting. You let a parasite rob you of nutrients and nine months later, you expel it from your vaginal canal, bloody, messy, stinky and full of crap.

Sometimes, I wish that I was never conceived. Wish that my father would have just shot his load elsewhere.

Looks like I have yet to find my tribe.