Sunday, July 6, 2008


Sham-Pagan and Ctulhu Fthagn! And RM30 young-uns!

So tonight, I was at the Blog-House. I watched some auctions going on and participated at the RM10 level.

"These items are worth at least RM400!" said the auctioneer.

"RM10!" I bid.

The it went out of control and some people bid more than a few hundred for some of the whatever.

"This antique watch was said to be worth at least RM2,000!"


"This is a one of a kind poster with signatories from six different parties!"


None of the items went for under RM430.

But it was for the maintenance of the BlogHouse, so it was cool. The amount raised, announced at the end of the night, was sizeable, but not big enough to encourage embezzlement.

I notice that with more at stake, people tend to be more corrupt. I mean, in a bigger organisation handling billions of dollars, everyone will look to screw each other. In the ass.

Like, duh.

So All Blogs now have a place, and a war chest. A stash. Don't spend it all on beer.