Friday, July 4, 2008

Emancipation Proclamation

You know what this cunt-ry needs? A conscience. And more go go bars.

Nothing can be done about the latter, but there is something about the former.

This cunt-ry will have a conscience when the women are emancipated. I'm not talking about putting a few token female ministers or a woman Prime Minister in office. Ooooh. We have a female governor of Bank Negara. No offense to Zeti, but BIG FUCKING DEAL. What about the rest of the 13 million or so women all over the cunt-ry? I'm talking about releasing half of our workforce, half of our brains, and getting the cunt-ry to run at 100% efficiency.

Look, technically I'm a Malay, and I'm definitely a man. I am a lazy motherfucker. In my travels to Thailand, I have seen what can happen when women run some of the shows. Some of the deals. I don't have to do all the work! I can just sit back, relax and contribute whenever I can or whenever I want to.

I have lived in a world, a microcosm of a world where men rule everything - at an all-boys boarding school. The result is a society in which everyone wants to screw everyone. In the ass.

Except for me, cause I'm not everyone. I wrote about this a few weeks ago and sure enough, even our two prime candidates for the PM's office is now accused of preferring anal sex.

I'm not talking about letting women run rampant and become tyrants either, because that would be stupid. If women run the whole show, all we would see on TV are reruns of Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty. And everything will be so dramatic.

Imagine these headlines, if women are in men's position right now:



It's not a question of who should be in charge. It's a question of who should be WORKING to make this stupid place great again.

What I AM talking about, friends, Romulans and cunt-rymen, is to get women out of their cages, off their asses, and do their share of the work.

Right now, most women are trapped into doing cooking, cleaning, (chores the maid can do) BREEDING or scenting their smelly vaginas to attract a male.

They bear what, 4, 6, 7 children? Then they get beat up. Rather than using them as baby factories, shouldn't we get them to run our factories for us?

All those women trapped all over the cunt-ry, to just sit there and wait for a man to sniff at her pussy and appoint her as his personal slave. When she can be everyone's slave. Don't be so selfish, foo!

Why are we wasting 60% of our most educated citizens on menial jobs like BREEDING and finding a mate? Shouldn't they shoulder some of this responsibility as well?

Cause I sure as hell don't want MORE responsibility. Hell, I'm eight years old, man! Forever! What the fuck you want me to do?

Imagine a world where the women make difficult studies and decisions. Where they go to work. Where a man can just stay at home and watch TV. And porn. Wouldn't you like to get picked up by a hot chick now and then at a club? This could only happen if women are liberated from their stupid domestic chores and start hauling their weight. And we should let them. ladies and gentleman and barbarians and fags and sodomites, we should let them!

I see a few things standing in the way of their emancipation:

1. Religion

No, not REAL religion. Not the TRUE religion, but a misguided interpretation of religion.

Women should just shut up, get married, get beaten up and just get their pussies ripped when a parasite exits the womb.

Fuck that, man.

I'm not telling you to drop religion and be agnostic or atheist.

You can be religious and excel at what you do, and take up more responsibility. Religion should never, EVER hold you back. If religion IS holding you back, then something is wrong somewhere.

A lot of the stupid interpretations say that men should lead and women should just follow and continue washing their vaginas with minyak atar.

I'll ask this question:

Is God a man?

The fact of the matter is, for the past few thousand years or so, the men won the battle for supremacy. In order for us to keep our winnings and our victories, we changed religion so that it should suit us and our needs. Like sex. And beating up women.

Well, our needs have changed, son!

Don't tell me we haven't evolved, primates!

Our problems are now multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. WHy should we solve it for everyone when the woman can do it for us?

2. Society

The current Malaysian society places women as lower than trash.

When trash gets dumped, we send it to a landfill. When a woman gets dumped, we rape them. Well, not really, but sometimes I wished that was true.

When a woman gets beaten up, she sometimes gets something worse than rape. Betrayal. By her fellow monkeys.

Society and our communities have forced women to think of themselves as nothing better than sperm banks. Incubators. Baby factories. Holes for dicks to fuck.

A woman is successful only if she is able to find a mate and after mating with the fucker, bear many children. Even though they won't have enough money and/or brains to raise the brats, they are still considered successful.

Why? Cause when the kids grow up, they will suck the life of the kids by turning them into living, breathing, insurance policies.

Bitch: Oh, it's easy la for me when I'm old. I'll just use my children to give me money cause I spent all of mine to buy a motorcycle for them so they can be Mat Rempits and take aramine 5.

Oooh. Real successful, bitches. Fucking vampires. Stupid.


I have seen women leaders, and NONE of them impress me. They suck. Why? Because we do not currently have a good batch to choose from. They still have their hang-ups from society, from religion, and from their desire to be SEEN AS successful. Successful as defined by their stupid community. See how stupid community is?

I know that writing this will not change anything. And tomorrow, I still have to haul my sorry ass to my computer and do some work instead of just staying in bed and let a woman rape me. But who gives a shit? I had a few Jaka Denials already.

Dr M gave the cunt-ry balls. And we have so many dicks and assholes already. Now it's time for somebody to give it a vagina.

EDIT: FINAL POINT - and if anything goes wrong, we can always BLAME IT ON THE WOMAN. I WIN!