Sunday, August 3, 2008


So today, I woke wayyyy early on a Saturday morning to get my phone fixed. I can't hear people, and people can't hear me using that stupid shit ass piece of junk.

So anyway, I went to SUnway cause Cheepork was going to SUnway Pyramid and I don't have a ride.

So I went there and approached the first mobile phone shop I saw. The guy said that it would cost me RM140 to get it fixed and around 4 hours cause he doesn't have the parts and shit.

I told him to fuck off and went to a Nokia Care Center and they could do it in two hours at RM50.

So I had no phone, felt naked, so I went to get some waffles.

Now, when I don't have a phone with me, I feel free. I don't have to plan things to say to people if they sms or call me. It was freedom, and I was enjoying it, so I went to get some waffles.

I was sitting there, eating the stuff, when this new-found freedom gave me an epiphany and one question.

The epiphany: people play games.

The question: what do people talk about during sex?

Yeah, people play games. Most people are not inherently evil. They just play games. They need to role-play and be the victim, or be number one, or be respected or to get other people to like them, desire them, suck their twats or dicks and stuff like that.

So when people ask me, "how can people be so cruel?" I can say that most are not cruel. They're just caught up in their games. Doesn't pardon them of their crimes. Doesn't make it okay. Doesn't make it wrong. Doesn't make it right, either.

It's just - people play games.

They need to adopt a role and be that role. They need to go into a box and stay there. Cause otherwise, it's scary for them and it's scary for other people. People can't comprehend other people when it comes to more than one dimension.

They are unwilling to see the duality of man and the triplicality of man and the dodacahedronality of man. They refuse to acknowledge that because to think in that way will take computing time away from thinking about themselves and most people only think about themselves.

They will think of other people, but only in relation to themselves.

This information is actually completely useless. Like the Sex and the City movie. And for the record, I FUCKING HATE Carrie Bradshaw.

The other three, they're okay, even though Samantha is a woman's version of a superhero. She does what women want to do, talks the way they want to talk and she gets away with it. She's everything a woman wants to be. Samantha Jones is a man.

So anyway, the other question - what do people talk about during sex?

The state of the Thai agricultural sector? The rising price of oil? Gossip Girl? Lost theories? What?

Then, as I was contemplating these mysteries of the universe, I finished my waffles, went for a massage and got my phone back.