Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Raising Miss Daisy

These past few weeks, I have been telling a lot of people, especially Malays, the advantages of living in other countries.

If you live for 10 years in Australia, for example, they will put you on the dole. Means you get free money for being a loser.

Some countries in Europe give free education. If you're a family of 10, that's worth at least a million Euros or something like that. In other words, Lots of free money.

They don't understand why I would consider a move outside the country. And they can't understand why I would promote these countries to them.

Very simple, really, as for me, I believe that if I am not the best at what I do anywhere, I will have to go somewhere where I AM the best at what I do.

I don't think I am what's best for this country, and I don't think this country is best for me.

As for other people I've told this to, I believe that they are not the best thing for the country, and that's that.

People who would breed simply because it's a fad, without even thinking whether or not they could support the child.

I mean, to have a child, you must make sure that you will make more than a million disposable income within the next 20 years. That means RM4,166 a MONTH AT THE VERY LEAST savings ONLY.

THAT's responsibility. If you don't have access to that kind of money, you are being irresponsible. I don't care how happy your mother-in-law is. Fuck you. I don't care how fertile and SUCCESSFUL other people THINK you are.

I don't care about your IMAGE. Fuck you.

I'm just saying that if you CAN'T provide for your children, then don't have any.

I don't even think my parents should have had ME. They're not millionaires. They're not rich. If it weren't for the fact that I'm a crazy motherfucker, I'd be on the streets, selling handjobs for crack.

Parents, they set their children up for failure since young.

And their grandparents, too.

I see old folks, telling young kids, ages 2-12:

Old Fart: Kesiannya! (Poor widdle bullshit!)

And then stuff their faces full of chocolate and ice-cream. Ram that candy bar down the kids' throats! Ram it!


Congratulations! Not only have you SUCCESSFULLY raised a whole generation of victim-wannabes, you're giving them diabetes and heart disease as well.

Way to go Malaysia!

By saying 'Kesiannya' over and over again to the little assholes, you're telling them that to get attention and more candy, you HAVE to play the victim game.

These kids grow up to be attention-seeking victim-wannabes who all say, "Poor me! Pity me! I'm in PAIN! Woe is ME! Boo hoo hoo!"

Fuck you.

The only person who can victimize you is yourself. Stop it with the blame game bullshit.

If you get raped, rape that motherfucking rapist back. WIth a cucumber. That has studs on it.

You hate where you are? Bomb the place or fucking leave.

You hate people? Start killing. You a pedophile? Go kill yourself. We need all the help we can get.

You know about learned helplessness?

These behavioral scientists did this experiment on dogs, see?

Batch A Dogs: An electrical current is passed on the floor. All the dogs have to do is solve a complex mathematical equation and get out of there.

Batch B Dogs: An electrical current is passed on the floor. All the dogs have to do is prove God exists using the Pythagoras theorem and get out of there.

Batch C: Just chillin'.

So when the juice flowed, Batch A solved the Intergration equation in 10 seconds and left.

Batch B tried to argue their case, but found that it's subjective and since the scientists are all atheist motherfuckers, can't be convinced on the existence of God. Nothing they could do would stop them from being electrocuted.

Batch C started masturbating.

The shocks were administered randomly and Batch A could always stop it by doing something. It didn't matter what Batch B did. They're ALWAYS wrong.

Batch C started asking for porn.

After a while, the doors were opened or something like that. So Batch A, as soon as the shocks started, left immediately.

Batch B stayed there, whimpering, giving up and resigning to the fact that they do not control their destiny at all.

Batch C rushed one of the scientists and suicide-bombed him.

Batch B is pathetic. Batch B is you.

You have learned this helplessness all your life.

You are helpless. There is nothing you can do. Blah blah blah.

There is ALWAYS something you can do. Eat a doughnut. Eat a baby. Suck dick. Whatever.

Pansy-assed motherfuckers.

Just relax, think of a way, and follow through. No matter what the consequences are, tomorrow's shit would be different than today's.

I mean, yesterday, it was a floater. Today, I can see some grain in it or something.