Saturday, August 9, 2008

Exodus: The Malaysian Nightmare

Tonight, I celebrate Sunder Raj - a Knight of Bukkake - who has achieved the NEW Malaysian Dream: getting the fuck out of the country.

Sunder is a comics artist. One of the few Malaysian comics artist who actually do comics and not one of those who, instead of improving their art, log on to comics forums whining and bitching about how people don't appreciate their art and trying very hard to be pseudo-intellectual about it - probably hoping to con, I mean teach, graphic students at some overpriced private college sometime in the future. Or borrow money from people and not paying them back. Like Milx.

I took Sunder to a place where they sell cheap booze and okay food. We watched the Olympics opening ceremony and I yelled support for Thailand's contingent.

Wouldn't it be weird if an Islamic country won and then there would be text on the screen, saying: TERRORISTS WIN!

So I axed him: Why do YOU want to leave?

Sunder: Because here, you can tell people whatever you want and they will believe you.

Me: And that's bad?

S: Yeah, that's bad. Look, I was in Flint, Michigan and I was respected for my work and for who I am.

And he went on and on about Flint, forgetting my initial question.

I think what he meant was that over here, people don't really appreciate talent and just accepts things and people at face value.

It is not uncommon for those leaving this country for other places to be disillusioned with how 'pretentious' and 'fake' everything is here. Everything is skin-deep. Though we maintain a delusion that everything has meaning. That everything is okay.

At least, that's what most of the people whom I know and are leaving or left think. Based on my conversations with them. It's just an opinion. Don't let other people's thoughts destroy your faith in the country.

Idiot: Oooohhh! Other people's thoughts! They're different than mine! I have to backstab. NOW! Full-on denial mode!

Kembaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang cipap aku mendengarnya.

Another couple is also leaving. They got their visa last week or something.

Friend: Amir, as soon as you get your first half-chance, LEAVE! LEAVE! LEAVE!

Friend2: This country is FUCKED UP! FUCKED!

It would be easy to say, "Good riddance to bad garbage." or "We don't need you, anyway, nyee!"


"I'm not going to PRETEND to stop you as you THREATEN to leave like a small child."

Oh well. Some people judge other people by looking at themselves. Meaning that If they were going to do so, then other people would as well.

What to do? I don't speak monkey.

As for me, I'm giving this country one last go. For the road. For old time's sake. For whatever.

It is not a childish threat. It is simply me finally deciding, like Morpheus the King of Dreams, that I have to either change or die. And finding out that there is a third alternative, like in Lucifer by Mike Carey.

Gordian knot, yo!

For I, too, dream the Malaysian dream.

Anyway, as for Sunder, I wish that he finds what he is looking for. Maybe a new dream. Somewhere.