Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ye Olde Unconscious UN Post

I'm pimpin' the sailor, man!


I'm pimpin' the sailor, man!


And fights around the world! I mean, an foites 'roun the woyle!

Awite, 'uv! Wot we got ere is failure to cofornicate. You knows im. Cofornicate. S'fore 'alileo-wossname. Sed woyle woz roun'.

Aw, blimeymenutcrackersandpantaloons! Look at 'at! Izsa Chinese! Doin' kung pow!

Chinese: Who you calling Chinese? I am KOREANSZ! Do I look Chinese to you? And this is not kung fu! This is tae-kwan-do! I am KOREANSZ!

Ell, yousa looka Chinese t'me, saz that spaz 'Ave Chappelle. But you are Koreansz! The average Koreansz droives inna Hyundai and con eat him bodie wait in kimchi, which is pickled 'rangutan.

Koreansz: I do not eat. Rrrrrrrrram-bhutan! kimchi is made from daicon!

Japanese: Daicon is. Japanese word. For. White radish. Malays call it - robak.

Oy, Captain! The reactor's not gonna hold on much longer! She's gonna blow!

Patrick Stewart: From hell's heart, I stab thee! From hell's heart, I stab thee! From hell's heart, I stab thee! From hell's heart, I stab thee!

William Shatner: Why? Do you. Keep us locked up. Like animals. In a cage.

Jonathan Frakes: I have more hair on my chest than you do on your head, Patrick Stewart!

Levar Burton: Look, ma! I'm Cyclops, foo! Optic Blast! Optic Blast!

Hugh Jackman: You're blind, foo! Berserker Barrage! Berserker Barrage! Berserker Barrage!

John Travolta: Xenu shall destroy you! O, mighty Xenu! Please, help us! I beseech thee!

Xenu: Xenu phone hooooome!

Crikey! Wotfatlotogooddidme - AT last! MY arm is complete again!