Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Game of You

One of people's favourite games is the Victim Game.

Bloody motherfucking Victim Game. You've played it. I've played it. Everybody's fucking played it. The difference is in degrees. And frequency. Some people are addicted and can't even see it. But it's there, and you keep on doing it.

"I'm so fucking oppressed, boo hoo hoo."

"People tried to screw me and make me look bad. Boo hoo hoo."

Poor you. WHy don't you fuck off and kill yourself already? Do us all a favour.

"The country's bad. Boo fucking hoo."

If the country's bad, you have one of four options:

1. Destroy the country.
2. Change the country.
3. Leave the country.
4. Shut the fuck up (in public) and moannnnn...moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn...moooan.

Take one of the first three and run with it.

The secret is: No one gives a shit.

No one gives a shit about you. No one gives a shit about your father. No one gives a shit about your mother.

I don't give a shit. Your family doesn't give a shit cause they're too busy breeding. Kay-Jay doesn't give a shit. The PM doesn't give a shit. Anwar doesn't give a shit. The hairs on Anwar's ass don't give a shit. God doesn't give a shit about you.

And finally, you actually don't give a shit. You only care about yourself anyway. Not other people. Stop pretending this noble bullshit.