Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wong Place, Wong Time

Yesterday, my sympathies were with Miss Eli Wong.

Today, while I am still sympathetic, I want my money back from everyone who sensationalised the issue.

I saw the photos being put up by blogs and websites around the world, and a question BEGS to be asked - WHERE THE FUCK IS THE NUDITY?

Hell, man. I ordered a full plate of tits and ass, with bush on the side. I can go to Saudi ARabia and find more nudity than those pics.

And why did she have to resign again? What the fuck? That looks like either:

a. An admission of guilt. If so, of what?


b. Blackmail. From who? Ex-lover Hilmi? BN? If so, then they are quite stupid blackmailers. In their place, I would have blackmailed her to sabotage PR instead of resigning.

She has nothing to be ashamed of, with these pics. Pictures of her sleeping? Wearing black underwear (or has an unrealitically VERY thick foliage)? Come on! Doraemon comics has more tit and ass shots of Shizuka.

I got no problems with Eli Wong, and believe she should stay on. None of this resigning crap, but who knows what kind of mental trauma can be induced by having yourself photographed fully-clothed.

Oh, the huge manatee!

What could be the worst-case scenario for her would be BOTH sides of the political divide making this as some sort of focal point in the next General Election.

I mean, screw alternative fuels, the economy, one million Malaysians losing their jobs, education and whatever the fuck.

BN monkeys are jumping up and down about morality. What morality, assholes? Stop emulating PR and their holier-than-thou bullshit.

PR's non-appointed apologists (read: busybodies and pretentious dickwad 'activists'. Yep, they started apologising for it already, as they should), when asked, are saying that there is a sex video and more nude pics.

My intial response, for my sake, was "There better be. All this hoo-haa for nothing. Nothing! I could get more porn watching rolfing tit massages on YouTube."

For Elizabeth Wong's sake, though, I hope not. And that assholes on both sides would stop making it a political issue. Nyeh. They're going to do it anyway.

Expect a (full-blown) circus later.