Sunday, February 1, 2009

Raped in the Face 2

Slept at 6am. Woke up at 9.30am.

Already, I was rushing to my next meeting. Made a pit-stop at an Internet cafe somewhere in Lucky Garden.

Printed my stuff, and queued for a cab in front of Mahbub.

A man and a young girl cut my queue.

"Hello! Excuse me, sir! I was here first!"

He muttered something in Tamil, brushing me off.

I ran towards him, but he and his daughter had already entered the cab, locked the doors and told the cabbie to speed off.

I gave them the finger.

There was so much anger in me, I felt like I've been RAPED! In the FACE!

Steve Coogan, yo!

No doubt the man took the girl somewhere to sexually assault her. These animals know nothing.

So I hailed another cab and made it to KL Hilton. Unfortunately, their lounge was closed for a private function. So we adjourned the meeting at Le (La?) Meridien.

The meeting went well. No unwanted emotions. Just facts and figures. Whats and hows.

I felt so happy, it was like I RAPED someone. In the FACE!

Then I went to Bangsar, where I went to the same Internet cafe, of which the Internet connection was down. I was only online for 30 seconds - enough time to pay just one of the three bills.

And now, time for lunch and another meeting.