Thursday, February 26, 2009

One for the Road

I'm sick and tired of the Eli Wong issue. Sick of the mess, tired of cracking jokes about it.

This is my last posting on it. UNLESS they make an issue out of it, then I will use my AWESOME BLOGGING POWERS and my SPECIAL RIGHTS to fight for truth, justice, and the pornographic waaaaayyyyy!

Because I'm worth it. And because I am important. Muahahahaha.

First of all, I don't think she should resign. I heard that she is one of the few who opposed hillside development. The rest? If that is true, she should be on the council.

The photos? Well, they were badly taken. The poor quality is a bigger crime than spreading your legs, in my book.

I can't even see the bush. What the fuck?

I was jacking off when suddenly my browser finished loading the pics and BAM! It was like getting punched by Steven Seagal. In the cock.

Seagal: I don't think you have the balls.

It's like kryptonite. For dick.

And morals? What morals? WHOSE morals? Not mine. And my morals are the only morals that count. For me.

Even if there are some things on the photo or a video, who the fuck cares? As long as she doesn't go morally-superior on anyone's ass, go holier-than-thou on anyone, then what does it matter?

I mean, if a video actually turns up, and there's anal, well thank you very much, Eli, now get back to work.

My worry is that people will start blaming each other. They already did. SOme racist fuckers already accused this as being a MALAY plot. BEFORE having all the facts.

And then, the petitions. GOD, the petitions!


And then all the politicising. On BOTH sides. Don't tell me PR is not getting any mileage from this, politicising the issue to get sympathy votes. BN taking the moral high ground. To get MORAL votes.

ANd the racism. The RACISM. Ooooooooh. I'm so fucking pissed off.

Fucking Femi-Nazis with their fucking statements.

"Oh, she was targeted because she am a wi-min. Nyeee."

Fuck that. Then Chua Soi Lek is a wi-min? That's a pretty large clitoris there, man. Anwar is a wi-min? That's

I think that we should all jack off, let some steam off, and when Eli Wong comes back, pretend it never happened. For her sake. And for fuck's sake. Because there are better fucks out there.

Unless she brings it up again to get sympathy, at which point, I will go and take a dump.

But hey, man. What do I know? I'm a BN lapdog. And a Malay. Me so horny. Me love you long time.