Thursday, February 12, 2009

Racism and Other Trivial Pursuits

I wanted to write about racism, and also about desire, and how some people think they can control me with things they think I want. And how some people think I'm like them - doing things for a reason. I am one of the most unreasonable person I know.

I do things for no reason insofar as interesting as it amuses me. And that is when it amuses me. More often than not, it is not amusing at all. To myself or anyone.

Fuck that.

More interestingly, I think I need a haircut. Maybe a massage. And possibly more things for the kitchen. I spent the better half of 10 minutes, looking for my knife.

Before finding it in a drawer.

I wanted to use it to cut my toasted sandwich. Well, it's not really a toasted sandwich. It is tuna on toasted white. And the best shape for a sandwich is a triangle. Collectively, it has six sides instead of four for each sandwich.

I am thinking of getting one of those sandwich makers. My father got one when I was 12 or thereabouts. And I spent many-a-nights toasting leftover dishes with bread on the damned thing.

I made spinach sadwiches. Sambal tumis and boiled egg sandwiches, even beef curry and sambal belacan sandwiches. The fillings can sometimes also include kangkong, soo hoon, fried beef with tumeric and salt, tempe and many other wonderful and horrible things.

I believe that a sandwich maker would be a wise addition. And I can make some really interesting sandwiches.

It has been a week since I last ate rice. Been confined this week, to my apartment, because I am writing up a storm. Figuratively and literally.

Since I haven't been to the gym in a while, I would not eat rice. That is the deal. One trip to the gym, one decent plate of rice. Unless I'm entertaining. And no, I am not entertaining. Fig or Lit.

My meals recently have mostly been toast and soft-boiled eggs. In front of my PC, as I watch Detective Conan.

I used to think that the premise of a boy detective using a sedative needle launcher in the shape of a wristwatch and a voice-altering bowtie as ludicrous.

The manga also did not have anything near the nudity found in a rival detective comics - The Case Files of Hajime Kindaichi.

But Hajime became boring after a while. You had Hajime, a teen detective who is the descendant of a famous private investigator. His grandfather, I think.

So, whenever he confronts a particularly difficult case, he would say his catchphrase, "I will solve this case! I stake my grandfather's name on it!"


Well, first of all, of what use would anyone have of his grandfather's name? Take up a loan or something?

And the name is not his to begin with.

Conan, meanwhile, while just as ludicrous and stupid, has more variety. And the style is infinitely classic. I can smell old books and wooden shelves.

Anyway, I am writing up a storm. But before that, I need to go and kill some robots. And defeat Yugi, Kaiba and Joey. Again.