Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Adventures of Boron*! The World's Most Boring Man!

I am still trying to rearrange my sleeping time.

Been going to sleep at 8am/10am and waking up at 6pm almost every day now.

Yesterday, I stayed awake till 2pm. Went to a mall and bought pliers, wires, fried chikin, five litres of orange juice, a hand bidet set, Scotch-Brite sponges, Ambi-Pur instamatic spray refill canisters, a pair of shorts and Myojo noodles.

Myojo noodles have the best texture, after less than five minutes soaking in hot water.

I also bought five more Detective Conan movies. I currently have all of them.

Anyway, back at home, I decided to fix the toilets. I live alone in a 3+1 bedroom plus 2+1 bathroom apartment. Unfortunately, both the toilets are fucked. I don't use the maid's toilet. And I don't have a maid.

One has a faulty flushing mechanism. The makeshift connection between the lever and the pump is broken. The other one works fine, but the bidet set is severed.

So using my ingenuity and Conan-like deductive skills, I fixed the faulty flushing mechanism. I am good with pliers. Hehehe.

The toilet now flushes like a dream.

The other one, well, it seems like I need a pipe wrench. Oh well.

Anyway, am enjoying this free lifestyle. Freedom and independence are two very important space shuttles and all that.

But I am looking at moving closer to Bangsar in the near future. My gym is there.

* The title, if you haven't deduced it by now, comes from Dilbert.