Saturday, February 7, 2009


It is a Saturday. For me, and Jews around the world, a day of rest. The Sabbath.

It is 4pm, and I cannot sleep. Why? Because I am worried. Foolishly so.

After the March 8 elections, I was hopeful and optimistic for more check and balance. Perhaps, I thought, there would be a REAL, VISIBLE two-party system. And that when both parties would more or less do the same things, people can finally vote on issues, not on personality cults.

I have never trusted personality cults. Politicians are not Gods, or Sons of God or Messengers of God. They're people. And people, as people, are stupid. Individuals are smart. People are like cows.

What worries me with the Perak debacle is that the Malaysian people will wake up from their dreams of Visionaries, Knights of the Magical Light. The Round Table, Camelot, which would make everything right again. That they would wake up, see everything for the sham and the shame that it is, and fall into my pad - the Bottomless Pit of Despair.

They saw Anwar, Nizar, Nik Aziz and Karpal and the Lim Dynasty as Defenders of the Earth, Masters of the Universe. Holy Men and Parameswara (though despite being Malaysians, and going to Malaysian schools for at least 11 years, they have no idea who Parameswara was. Some thought Malaysia was opened by Yap Ah Loy and Lee Kuan Yew) all rolled into one. God and State. Carnifex and Psychopomp.

Sadly, the Perak Peranda issue, where we have one man pitifully clinging on to office and a fleet of Toyota Camry 2.4s which are no longer his, and the audacity of certain quarters to tell the royals, publicly, that they are stupid (despite being former Lord President, and most amassing more wealth than you ever could. Rich people generally are NOT stupid. Evil? Maybe. Stupid? No.) and subtly threatening social anarchy by goading the sheeps and cows that are the Malaysian public to possibly riot.

I do not give a fuck about the politicians. Politicians NEVER gave a fuck about you and me. The only thing politicians are EVER interested in are their own power, so they can get more cash. So they can eat more pussy. And cut off dicks. And they have the capacity to be both evil AND stupid at the same time.

The sooner the Malaysian public realises this, the better it would be for all of us.

My main concern, is that zealotry and emotion will compel some people to die or kill or maim. In the name of Politicians, the most stupid, the most evil.

Why would we want to risk everything for the sake of putting some people in power? Are they any better than you or me? They all have their fuck ups. ALL of them. As do all of us. Are they really morally-superior? Do they know better? Do they have mental powers we don't?

Reject the politicians. If you have to kill anyone, do not kill each other. Kill them. All problems in the world are caused by politicians. They are NEVER the solution. They are, indeed, the problem.

Global warming? Politicians. Kids getting raped? Politicians. High price of oil? Politicians. No news on alternative energy? Politicians. Economic crisis? Politicians. My toilet can't flush unless I open the tank cover and manually pull the pump? Politicians.

Politicians are guilty of everything. Do not fall for their lies. And most importantly, do not sacrifice yourself, in the name of some people who only want to keep themselves in power. You have better things to do.

Like go out for lunch. Or sleep in till late. Or carry a Kavadi. Die for your Gods, like you usually do. Don't die for politicians.