Saturday, February 28, 2009

Toyota Camry The Best Car in the Universe. EVER

Kuala Limpeh - Motoring Magazines and Jeremy Clarkson unanimously declared today that Toyota Camry is the Best Car in the Universe. Ever.

The car, which was designed as a comfortable car that could fake luxury at a budget, was the center of a scandal in Perak as PR leaders refused to give it up despite losing the majority. Some even preferred to go to jail than hand them over.

In a recent development, even the former MB decided to hold on to it, despite vacating the premises. Calling the car a 'state symbol'.

"It's like crack, man," said motoring genius Khalid Juhairy. "I mean, you sit in it for a while, and your ass will be crying for a bit of Camry magic every 10 minutes."

Former Camry driver and owner, local Mo Pee Ko, regretted ever having sold his car.

"The night sweats, mood swings, it was really like heroin addiction," said Mo. "That's why after two days, I gouged my eyes and cut off my right arm. I couldn't take it anymore!"

The Ministry of Health is expected to declare Toyota Camrys as a controlled substance, and would set up rehab centres for PR politicians across the country.