Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Incredible Tian Chua

Kuala Limpeh - Don't make him angry. You won't like him when he's angry.

Local politician Tian Chua, Information Dude for PKR, has reportedly threatened to turn into an angry green radioactive goliath if he is ever again asked about his alleged and rumoured relationship with fellow PKR member Elizabeth Wong.

"Ask me that again and I'm going to SMASH YOUR HEAD!" said the usually mild-mannered politician to an Agenda Daily reporter.

He then proceeded to grow to 8 feet tall and started smashing buildings.

"Tian Chua SMASH!"

Locals were seen fleeing the scene in terror.


"Ever since he was caught in that gamma-radiation explosion or whatever it was, he changed." said local idiot Husin, 43. "I can barely recognize him anymore. He looks...Italian. And green."

Though possessing incredible strength and endurance, with a tendency to smash anything and everything in sight with his hulking big green arms, Toys r Us officials are not worried.

"We are expecting a rise in sales of Tian Chua gloves soon," said marketing executive Cindy Wong.

Tian Chua was last seen hitchhiking his way to the next American mid-west town, while a piano tune of Lonely Man plays in the background.