Friday, February 13, 2009

The Madness of Crowds

Early on in my career as a BN lapdog, I was thrilled and a little dumbfounded when what I wrote could cause such heightened emotions.

So I asked the most emotionless people I know about it.

"People are scared things," she said. "You practically went in and showed them things they are afraid of. So of course they react."

"It's because you struck at the center of their belief systems," said another. "For people who put breeding and marriage as the epicenter of the universe, you practically came in and hammered the core of their tiny belief systems. And so they react."


I thought that people hate themselves. I was being a mirror to what they are and what they say. And they freak out at their own image, like a cat in front of a mirror.

One person was complaining about how much a victim he is. So I followed suit and basically shared the same experiences and similar stories.

The reaction was that I was being a fool. And, honestly, I concur.

Human behavior, as a collective, is so easy to interpret. The larger the sample, the lower the collective IQ.

As a Malthusian, I believe there should be a nuclear war soon, so that humans can become smarter.

And then they can breed all they like.