Sunday, February 1, 2009

Humerus Me

The best humorist in the world, at one time, was Andy Kaufman.

You might have seen him in reruns of Taxi and in the Jim Carey vehicle, which was also Kaufman's biopic - Man in the Moon.

I find myself sometimes relating to the man.

His brand of humour is not the hahaha, thigh-slapping laugh of the moment.

To truly appreciate Kaufman, one must see his work from a perspective. Because you won't understand.

He was much interested in the behavioral, in reactions, inciting laughter, shock, anger, frustration in equal measure.

I would love to be as successful as Kaufman was, in his work. Though I am beginning to understand why he went in that direction.

People want boxes and neat labels. They are constantly afraid of foreign objects. Such as, 'foreign object in the vagina'.

Oops. I drank too much and now have to go to the loo.