Friday, February 13, 2009

Life of a BN Lapdog

Oh, I am so enjoying the life of a BN lapdog.

I'm wearing Asadi flip-flops, a free Singha t-shirt and seven-year-old cargo shorts.

Najib's money is rolling in, man!

I just had a clandestine, behind-closed-doors meeting with the mysterious 'Khairudin' who was, as you remember, part of Rocky's cabal which met some time ago at La Bodega.

Incidentally, my meeting is also held at the same place.

He had just teleported from the Cayman Islands, where he is laundering our dirty money.

Unfortunately, 'Khairudin' was called away to meet his 'doctor' whom I suspect is the most famous doctor in Malaysia - dr Sam.

I also got a call from Q. My Aston Martin is NOT ready yet. But my G5 is!

Man. I need to take a vacation.