Thursday, February 12, 2009

Robots and Empire

Some people asked me, what game I was playing.

So I told them, "Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden and Power of Chaos Yugi the Destiny, Kaiba the Revenge and Joey the Passion."


Well, Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden is one of the greatest games ever done by mankind.

Here's my Top 5:

1. Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden
2. Super Robot Wars Alpha
3. Final Fantasy 7
4. Jagged Alliance 2
5. Yugi-Oh's series of card games


6. CM 01/02

That's all.

While awake or asleep, strategies keep on rolling in my head.

For Yugi's card games, I need Jinzo, a monster card that will neutralize any and all traps. I also need Mage Power. Already have United We Stand - the most powerful equip card in the game.

If I have Jinzo, I can decrease the size of the deck by 4 cards, discarding many traps.

Here's my deck wishlist:

1. Jinzo
2. Nimble Momonga X 3
3. Giant Germ X 3
4. United We Stand
5. Mage Power
6. Harpie's Feather Duster
7. Raigeki
8. Change of Heart
9. Swords of Revealing Light
10. Dark Hole
11. Penguin Warrior
12. Wall of Illusion
13. Summoned Skull
14. Mystical Space Typhoon X 3
15. Barrel Dragon
16. Giant Soldier of Rock X 2
17. Sinister Serpent
18. Magic Cylinder
19. Witch of the Black Forest
20. Magician of Faith
21. Monster Reborn
22. Tribute to the Doomed
23. Copycat
24. Sangan
25. 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
26. Rock Spirit
27. Dark Necromancer
28. Slate Warrior X 3
29. Scapegoat
30. Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
31. Mystical Elf
32. Jar of Greed

That's 41 cards.

This deck is good for general ass-kicking. Can also kill exodia decks (Kycoo, plus Card Destruction and Soul Release), card attrition (plus one more magic card that can count the difference between attack and defence as damage, and Cold Wave)

With 15 more reserve cards, I can change it to kill a fusion deck, defence against powerful monsters(Man-Eater Bug X 3, field spell cards, one more Copycat), etc.

I want to convince some people to allow me to design a similar card game based on their creative copyrights. Just give me access to the rights, and I can create card games similar to Yugi's.

We can even get people to play online, since the file will be small, and hold tournaments across the country.

As for Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, this is the sixth or seventh time I am playing it from beginning to end.

1. Raideen - best assist in the game. Raideen plus Mega Generator plus HPHGCP = Orgasm.
2. Combattler V - great assist.
3. Shin Getta 1 - Arguably has the most powerful attack available - Stoner Sunshine with *basic* damage of 6200. Range 1-3. Gets to assist at level 53. Hehehe.
4. Majinkaizer - Not affected by ki-ryoku to launch powerful attacks. My most beloved unit, and THE FIRST MECHA ANIME EVER.
5. Turn A Gundam - One of the best Gundam units. Equip it with a Holy Power Device, a Mega Generator and let it rip. Map weapon is a bit energy draining, though.
6. Voltes V - Same as Combattler. But shorter range.
7. V2 Assault Buster Gundam - has the most array of useful weapons. And almost impossible to hit.
8. Z (Zeta) Gundam - Starts off with a 1-8 range, 4400 damage Hyperwhatever thefuck. Will eventually learn the Wave Rider Attack at Scene 39. Equip with Mega Generator and HPHGCP for the best 'unhitable' striker in the game. No unit has ever hit this guy.
9. Boss Bolt - my favourite energy resupply robot. It used to be the slowest, but after upgrades, and a Hovercraft and Mega Boosters, this is my fastest unit. Delivering energy right at your cockpit.
10. Braiga - aside from the cool songs, this is the coolest robot ever. EVER. The final attack is 1-8 (BraiGun), has a damage of 5800 and it can assist!

Preferred support robots include Methus (Fa has the Motivate SP, which saves me hundreds of SP points at the beginning of the game.), Aphrodite A (ditto!), Mari in the Brega(recharge your SP! Resupply!), that other guy in the Brega whose name I can't read (because it's in Kanji) with the Move Again SP, and the bridge of Freeden - best mothership (three co-pilots - 18 types of SPs!).

So I explained this to them in great detail. And then, they made this blank face.

"No, we meant, what game are you playing, going after Pakatan Rakyat?"


Goddamn it, man! What a waste of my time. I could have killed robots! Robots!

I'm not playing any games with that, man. Just advising caution. Cause everyone's in a fucking lovefest with anything that is not BN, they might fail to see the folly of those wankers. Out of the frying pan, into the fire?

Which would have been fine, but some people are laying their lives, and their bodies, on the line for those politicians. As a superhero, it is my duty to stop them from sacrificing themselves for shady ideals.

Ore wa, namida o naga sena i! Taratta!
Robotto dakara, mashin dakara! Taratta.

Tobase, tekken
Rocket Panchi!

Ima da, da sun da
Breasto Fayyaaaaaaa!

Majin Go
Majin Go
Majinga Zeeeeeeeeeeeeet!


Bui! Bui! Bui!
Commmmbine, 1, 2, 3.