Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Further Adventures of Boron: The Most Boring Man in the Universe!

The BEST instant noodles EVER is Myojo Mi Goreng. I love both their Mi Goreng Pedas and Mi Poh Goreng.

It's all in the texture. Soak the noodles in hot water for less than five minutes, or probably four, to ensure the right balance of springiness and softness.

The MSG-laden seasoning is also uncomplicated, unlike other instant mi gorengs which even try to push five different kinds of shit AND some fried flour that is supposed to pass off as shallots. Fuck you.

Ling, Chee's GF (Guardian Force) shares my interest in Myojo noodles. And we are lamenting the fact that it is getting harder to find nowadays.

Me: O, lament!

I found a cache of Myojo Mi Gorengs at a mall, but am not telling anyone where it is. It's MINE!

Been spending some time hanging out with Chee and his GF the past two weeks.

They're some of the few people I can have a conversation with, without trying to kill each other because of differing opinions.

Some people, when you talk to them, it's all about proving you wrong and trying to make themselves right.

Also, for some, it's all about ridiculing other people to feel better about themselves. I know people who set their own friends up so they can watch them fall and then laugh.

Even though I can do that with the best of them - in fact some of my projects have been going on for years - I don't want to do that all the time.

Look, man. Not everyone will agree with you. Not everyone will worship the same people you do. Not everyone will be impressed with your bullshit, ALL the time.

Truth is perception and therefore, there is no ONE, real, ULTIMATE truth. It changes from one instance to the next and the best we could ever hope for is to be in the moment of truth.

And yet, some people believe in their own hype so much that anything but complete agreement and submission is unacceptable.

Me? I'm not impressed.

I sell doubt. That's my product. Not because it's cool, but because I do not believe anyone has ALL the answers. I don't, and none of you has mental powers I don't. Bill Maher, yo!

You might have facts, but you do not have the answers. No one does.