Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Week's Political Roundup

Americans Surprised to Discover They Actually Care About Malaysian Politics

Baltimore - Several Americans were surprised to discover recently that they actually care about Malaysian politics.

"I was online to get some tits and ass shots of celebrities, when I found that some Malaysians left moving comments on GutterUncensored about their political beliefs and I was reading the thousands of comments with rapt attention," said 21-year-old Joe Chief.

The comments came in the wake of GutterUncensored publishing photos of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) woman Elizabeth Wong. The photos are currently the focus of a scandal.

"I was so moved by their plight and their unending fight against the forces of Barizun Nacional," said Rain Strife, 17, "I mean, I have a Che Guevara t-shirt, so I know all about political struggle. I might not know what the fuck Che was fighting for, but I know, you know?"

"People think Americans are ignorant and self-centered, but I disagree," said Rhonda McGuffin. "We care for the independece of the world, and I think Malaysians, especially those from the resistance should fight for Independence from the tyrannical monarchy of Bareesun Nazionale. I mean, who digs monarchy anyway? Democracy has been around longer than monarchy ever was - since America was created 5,000 years ago - and it is a much more reliable system. We so care about Malaysian politics. Fuck nude pictures. Go PRK!"

PKR Member Lodged Report Against Quality of Photos

Meanwhile, in a related development, several PKR members lodged a report against the photographer of Elizabeth Wong's alleged 'nude' photos.

"This is an OUTRAGE!" said V. Vendetta. "We expected better photographers to handle this job, but they had to call in somebody with a fucking camera phone!

"The composition was all shot to shit, props were not used and the poses were disgustingly non-eventful at all! Where is the lighting? Where is the creativitity?"

V. Vendetta blames all this on BN and UMNO.

"Even though it has not been made clear who the real perpetrators were in this issue, we will continue to insinuate and blame UMNO and BN as the ones responsible for taking such bad photos. It can't be an inside job, as PKR people are all perfect. Like Gandhi, like that. And Gandhi would have taken better pictures."

In response, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has denied these allegations and insinuations.

"In UMNO, we know and have worked with many professional photographers. If we had done it, the quality would have been much, much higher."