Friday, October 8, 2010

Homo Ultimatus

Everyone expects everyone else to be like them. Shallow people expect others to be as shallow. Petty people expect others to be as petty. I expect everyone to have expectations.

It's human nature. Not pettiness or shallowness, but the expectations.

Expectations are the straightest path to disappointment.

For example, I have always expected people to be as fantastic as I am. Either to view things from as many perspectives as I do, or at least be as good-looking.

Alas, they are all stupid and ugly. I am a species of one. Homo Ultimatus. As far away and detached as I can be from Pan Rempitus or recessive Superioritus Complexus Delusionus Lupus Sarcoma.

I mean, really, when I talk to some people, they expect me to be this horny Malay dude jumping up and down for no reason.

Look, I am horny, most of the time, and I do jump up and down, but rarely for no reason. There is a method in the madness, my friend.

And just cause I'm Malay, does not make me an idiot.

Yeah, I know that being a 'Malay man' means to some people that I need to go and beat up women, cheat on my wife and rape goats or something. Even some Malays expect me to be some sort of ape, wearing shades at night, inside a building.

These people, "the fact that we're in the same genus makes me embarrassed to call myself Homo". - Prof Hubert Farnsworth.

It is a sin to be Malay and highly intelligent, for some, as this does not fit into their vision of their 'master race'. And the fact that I do not apologise for my genetics really gets to some people.

Well, I'm sorry. That you're so fucking dumb. And for having wasted my time. There are lots of other cool non-Malays and Malays to hang out with, even though most whom I know have left the country. More of where that came from, though.

This used to bother me until I realised that judgmental people who can only think in one way and see things from one perspective can never attain enlightenment until they die. I started to pity them, and then I realised that paying any attention to them is also a waste of time.

These days, I hang out with really amazing people, of all races. And I work with them because it is fun to come up with stuff without the baggage of bullshit racism or judgmental shit.

From my experience, it is highly more enjoyable to come up with really cool and fun stuff with a myriad of different people and personalities rather than dive into the sterile, homogenous, one-sided, stupid ass world of some people.

I am Homo Ultimatus - first and last of my species.