Sunday, October 31, 2010

Make Like a Tree and Leave

I have taken a two week leave. I want to rest a bit, and also catch up on my work. Been falling a bit behind.

I also need some space and time to make some decisions. As I grow older, my time is becoming more and more limited. There are so many things I want to do.

I would love to just focus on one thing, but the reality is, I'm like a shark. If I stop moving, I die. I get depressed when I'm not on multiple projects. And the more projects I pile on, my brain gets fried and I get tired.

I was designed to work and party hard. That's what I am, that's what I do.

I'm best at solving problems of the creative kind. Anything that involves monkey work, I hate.

The key to doing a lot of things at the same time is NOT to do it all at the same time. Do them one at a time. Focus is essential.

And then, there is bullshit. Bullshit will swamp you in. It will bury you, so you have to watch that.

Bullshit includes:

1. Emotion

- unless it is essential to a project, emotion is unnecessary and simply bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I sometimes use emotion as a fuel, but the side effects are worse than the benefits. Lie all you want, but emotion is a luxury you can't afford.

2. People

- people and their bullshit emotion. 99% of time is spent on managing people as well as their emotion. Fuck that, I got work to do, man!

3. People

- people are always a distraction. If there were no people in the world, everyone can get more shit done.

So excuse me for two weeks as I turn off my humanity and embrace the machine side of myself. At some point in these two weeks, I would have to deal with people - my family, for instance - and manage their bullshit emotions.

Whenever this happens, I approach them not as people, but as entities, elements in the project I am in.

So yeah, I am taking leave to actually do more work. Smoke more cigarettes and write more stories.

There is nothing that I fear, other than Fear Itself.

I am a genius of hard work. A barbarian. Knocking on the gates of hell.

See you after the gap.