Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Old news, and a bit repetitive, but I did some stuff for KRU, and they got 17 nominations from three films - two of which, Magika and MySpy - I worked on directly. I wrote the scripts. There are many more who were involved. It was a team effort, after all.

I wasn't nominated, but I am proud that projects I was involved in got so many nominations.

Magika is also the most successful movie of the three, reportedly getting RM3.3 million after three weeks. Not bad. Not bad at all. If I do say so myself. And I do.


Watch out for my next stuff. Next projects. It has been seven years since my first script job - an animation thing. I'll do more, hopefully.

And maybe one day, I'll get nominated and win some awards myself, God/Science/Awareness/Eywa/Atheismo willing. I have my speeches ready. Hey, what can I do?

Maybe one day, I'll get to the Oscars. It doesn't hurt to dream, as long as it doesn't become poisonous desire.

Anyway, I am happy. Cheers!