Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Demon-crats and Repub-lycans

Some people are calling for a two-party system in this country which will offer basically the same thing, in terms of general economic direction, development and whatever the fuck, while differing on shit like certain unimportant policies like human rights and freedom.

Missing from these things, is the notion of race and racists. I believe racists should go back to where they come from - Planet Purebloodonia, where they can watch Speed Racer all day long.

As a man from the superior mixed gene, I move that all races be diluted and mixed up so humans can evolve into higher beings like me.

I will support whichever party which truly believes in these goals. I will not entertain people who PRETEND to be non-racists, but are racist to the core.

Only those with the superior mixed genes - Homo Ultimatus - can be given License to be Racist to kill, pillage and plunder the purebloods.

Also, doing a two-party system will make for great movies pitting demons against werewolves.