Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I see people judging and profiling other people, sometimes perhaps for police work, marketing, or sometimes maybe for fun, and I always think, "Amateurs."

I have spent countless years (30) profiling people.

I find that the Aristotlian method of bag-and-tag as inadequate. Whenever I profile or judge people, I observe their issues.

Humans are flawed creatures. They always compensate for something. Take me, for instance.

My obsession with The Truth stems from the fact that I enjoy making up stories and seeing them turn into movies or TV series. It is also my rejection of the world for comic books as The Truth is something comic book character Spider Jerusalem believes in.

My intelligence is built on a platform of fear - the fear of being stupid. My rejection of being lumped together with the intelligentsia community stems from a need - a poisonous desire - to be more intelligent and real than those considered to be smart.

My megalomania comes from deep-seated childhood issues where I felt inadequate because of all the swamp kids, I was the most bookish and geeky.

My whole career in communication and the media is because I had difficulties communicating my ideas. In my early adult life, I simply said 'blah blah blah' a lot to dismiss certain things I did not wish to explain in detail due to the fear of not being able to communicate properly.

Some people have mommy issues (Oedipus complex) or daddy issues (Elektra complex) which they try to fill with something else. Usually a surrogate in the form of that person or trait they are lacking or miss or can't get enough of.

Some people, are stuck in high school. At the height of their powers back then, nowadays they just try to relive those past glories.

Some people become extra manly to hide homosexual tendencies. Others feign happiness and a cheerful persona to hide an emo, despairing disposition.

People project strength to hide weaknesses. Confidence to hide confusion. Blah blah blah. It doesn't mean that everyone is opposite of what they say they are. I'm just pointing out certain possible paradoxes. If you think humans are simple to understand simply by not believeing them, then stop reading and kill yourself. You're an idiot.

Now, what makes it more complicated is when you throw these dysfunctional people (and everyone is dysfunctional, as the normal person is just an idea which exists only as an idea) into groups. This is where it gets interesting.

Some people set themselves up, so they can fulfil a pathological need to be victims. Victims are sometimes people with a deep sense of self-loathing. They believe they need to be punished, so they set themselves up for failure, betrayal - essentially they self-sabotage themselves.

I said sometimes, cause some people are real victims, sometimes. How do you find them? If even after being victimised, they don't relish being in the role. They don't wallow in it. Victims who are addicted to the role, they have issues.

You can't fool me. Know why? Cause been there, done that. Hahahahaha.

When people talk, it is almost always in relation to themselves. All people ever talk about is concerning themselves. It's all about me. Me me me me me me.

Even while attacking other people, they talk only of themselves. Even when describing other people, it is in relation to themselves.

All the craziness I have explained, I have experienced first-hand. Either in it, or a revulsion to it, which means it is in there, somewhere.

So be careful when judging other people, because end of the day, you are simply judging yourself.

Judge ye not, lest ye be judged. Said Jesus Christ. What he meant was probably not that if you judge people, people will judge you back. That's simplistic thinking. It means - to me - that with only ourselves as a valid comparison, whenever we judge other people, or profile them, we are merely profiling parts of ourselves and our psyche.

Which goes to show how complex each human mind is. We are made up of so many things. It would take multiple lifetimes to analyse even a single person, and even then it would not be enough.

"Facets," wrote Neil Gaiman, on the human condition.

At any one time, we only see one facet of a person. One side. It's like the Heisenberg theory. You can now either the location or the momentum of a thing, but not both.

From wikipedia:

It is impossible to determine simultaneously both the position and momentum of an electron or any other particle with any great degree of accuracy or certainty.

And that is only concerning two values. Two facets. Imagine if a person has a billion facets. And each facet is worth a book or two.

Can you read all of that? Impossible, or perhaps highly improbable.

Despite all this, it is possible to draw people as two-dimensional caricatures and derive as well as extrapolate their moves. It is highly flawed, judgemental and arrogant to do so, but I can't stop anyone from doing so.

This is the root of racism and bias. And, rejecting the rest of the facets in favour of just a few, means rejecting the person. It also means rejecting ourselves and the universe, which is, fundementally the same, as we are our own universes.

If you go spiritual, you can say that the Awareness - or God - experiences the universe through us. If God can exist anywhere and everywhere at once (omnipresent) then God is also within us. SInce God is also the universe, there is no reason to exclude that from our being. We are all connected through the Awareness.

If you go technical, judgmental people are douchebags. And that, is also a profiling act.