Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Catalogue

Somebody asked me, "What kind of stories do you want to do? What do you have in your back pocket?"

My first thought was, "My ass?" And then I got thoughtful.

Well, I have many tales and stories I have always wanted to do. Some of them are half-written. Some exist as scribblings while others are entirely inside my head. A few are in full proposal mode.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. Usually, it is to push us humans towards awareness.

The people I've met and circumstances have pushed me into digging up all these old stories I had fun with, in my youth.

I told them my tales of giant robots on distant planets. Benevolent observers here on earth, the reason for Atlantis getting submerged, a reworking of an alternate history of the world, a place where all stories interact.

I have many more. Reverse invasion. Cloak and dagger in Malaysia. Schrodinger's Cat for the Jews - a tale that spans millions of years with a bunch of immortals.

A man who believes he is the center of the universe. A love story spanning 30 years about two people in different locations who only meet once every decade.

Give me funding. I'll write them all. And in the darkness, bind them.