Friday, October 22, 2010

The Further Adventures of Amir Hafizi

My day started at 8.30am - an ungodly hour for me.

Went to the office, had four cups of coffee and a meeting, then went to Bangsar for two appointments.

Somehow, I found myself whisked away to Kajang where there was a meeting with a new friend who gave me lots of useful information.

In any endeavour, knowledge is power. You can't just go charging in empty. No need for emotion either, until you are safely at home, in the toilet, where you can throw your arms up in the air and laugh like The Joker or yell "NOOOO! N. O. OOOOOO!!!"


I was merely collecting data. And always, always, when my faith in humanity takes a severe blow, I find really kind-hearted people who would enlighten me either with their information or generousity.

Sometimes, it is all we can do to keep each other warm and tell stories in the coldness of the dark.

Me? I'm just minding my owm business these days. So much to do, so little time.