Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rejected Animation Proposal: Racist Rangers

Racist Rangers! They're the heroes! Gonna take racism down to zero! They're our powers, magnified, and they're fighting on, unracist siiiiide.

Rizal: Let our powers combine. Towering Malay!

Chee: Compliant Chinese!

Sunder: Funky Indian!

BarneyApaiKimYamashitaUkuleleSingh: Dan Lain-Lain!

Machindalai: By your powers combined, I am MACHINDALAI!

Ma-Chin-Da-Lai! He's a hero! Gonna take racism down to zero! He's our powers, magnified, and he's fighting on, unracist siiiiide.

Lee Kuan Yin: You'll pay for this, Machindalai!

Racist Rangers: We're the Racist Rangers! You can be one too! Cause saving the hoo-mans is the thing to do. Hating and spelunking, is not the way. Hear what Machindalai, has to say!

Machindalai: The powerrrr is YOURS!