Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Box Office

A good friend of mine went to the cinemas to watch Magika again today. I didn't ask, but I suspect he brought friends along as well.

Guess what? Tickets were sold out. Hahaha.

Well, this can only be good news. Even though I have no share in the movie's financial success, I am very, very happy that somewhere, some people might be entertained by some scribblings I made in the middle of the night, or be entranced by Edry's songs, maybe even appreciate the wardrobe, the cinematography, the acting, the editing or even the lighting.

Today, I talked to some industry people about a few things, some of them on how to market films internationally. I got some good information and the conversation really opened my eyes. I always appreciate people who share information and knowledge, and that discussion was priceless and motivating.

I look forward to making more movies, telling more stories and acquiring more knowledge and skills. There are lots of people I want to work with, and I find what they do fascinating.

After all, I'm just a swamp boy. Anything I do outside of the swamp is, to me, fucking spectacular already.

Hm. Maybe I should write a story about a swamp.

But first, I need to sleep. Am taking a nap before I start the nightly grind.