Monday, October 18, 2010

Devil in the Gateway

"Amir," said the Devil.

Me: Yes?

Devil: I did you a favour.

Me: And?

Devil: I want you to return the favour.

Me: But -

Devil: I would not ask you to do anything that runs counter to your sense of honour. In fact, for that, I will ask you to do two things that would not conflict with your sense of honour, justice or morality.

Me: And you are the devil.

Devil: That, I am. Have I, unlike so many others, pretended to be someone else?

Me: Your deals... always come with a catch.

Devil: Oh, it is no deal. I am not offering you anything you might want. In fact, I cannot give you what you want.

Me: So?

Devil: I am appealing, only to your nature. To always try to repay favours. To keep your word.

Me: You... believe in my word?

Devil: You have never lied.

Me: Very well. I promise that if I feel like it, I will do your two favours.

Devil: Good enough for me.