Thursday, October 21, 2010

Was About to Sleep...

...when I read this.

A group of bloggers are banding together again. In preparation for another big fight. I only wish they learn some things from the past.

That it is possible to work together for a common cause even while harboring different opinions, values and agendas.

That spirit has been the cornerstone of civilisations where absolute rule is not in the picture.

Me? I'm a lone wolf, which is a weak wolf. One day, they'll come for me and I can't run away to the UK. Thank God/Science/Eywa/Tok Bomoh/Atheismo/The Awareness that I'm just a small fry.

I'm just a kid from a swamp who got a lightsaber and two droids who likes to write stories and movies and TV series.

Feels like old times, though.

So much so, that I went and read this - a blog from one of the most underrated comics writer of all time. John Layman.