Friday, October 29, 2010

Mixed Campf: Death to All Purebloods

As MixMaster, I call upon all the mixed-blood people to form a political party.

Doesn't matter if you're half-Bugis, half-Javanese, half-Cantonese and half-Hakka or half-Malayalee and half-Ceylonese. Or if you're ChiBan (Chinese-Iban), ChiBai (Chinese-Bai), BurIt (Burmese-Italian), PanTat (Pan-Asian and Tahitian), KoTe (Kota Bharu-Kuala Terengganu).

As long as you're mixed, you're in.

Mixed people are the next step in evolution. We are genetically superior in every way. Why should we bow down to any pureblood, when our race is clearly superior?

Why should other races own anything, when we are the clear successors to humanity?

The mixed shall inherit the earth.

We have superior culture. Our martial arts (mixed martial arts) can kick any other martial arts' ass, and our mixed rice incorporates any and every pureblood cuisine.

And we will only get stronger.