Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Approval Seeker

I'm a Level 87 recovering approval-seeker. What used to bother me was when all these idiots prance around, believing that other people need their approval in everything.

I used to be bothered, really, REALLY bothered, that years and years ago, I set things up so that after several years, those idiots would walk on to a minefield of psychosis, social stigma and financial ruin.

It's very simple, really. Whenever I see someone with a fundamental flaw in their brains, I simply refuse to correct them. Sometimes, I play along, adding fuel to the fire; sometimes I just ignore them.

After years of conditioning, they would meet other people whose intolerance of their bullshit - which includes racism, bad English, unfounded arrogance, judgmental personality and generally annoying nature - would result in physical violence.

Then I buy an expensive meal and enjoy all the delicious details.

It's borderline Buddhism. You create by not doing anything. You just allow them to self-destruct, drowning in their own stupidity.

While I, Greatest Under Heaven, walk away with a smile on my face and an explosion somewhere in the background.

It's my personal joke and it's between me and God.