Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guttenberg Libertine

Finally! After eight years, I bought a printer.

It's an HP model and it cost me slightly over RM100. That's cool, because the cartridges alone are worth over RM100 and I got them for free. Muahahaha.

I also bought a ream of A4 paper and had just printed copies of some of my recent stories.

Previously, I protect my copyright by sending a copy of what I wrote to myself via registered letters. Which means that if anyone stole my ideas, I'll sue them and bring the UNOPENED registered letter to court.

The judge, or probably the bailiff, will open the letter and read the contents. If the judge believes I have a basis for my claims, that they did steal my ideas, I would be awarded millions.

This process used to involve me running around Bangsar, looking for a Cyber Cafe with a printer and going to the Bangsar Baru post office a couple of hours before the meeting, leaving me sweaty and breathless during the actual meet.

Not anymore.

All my previous works are protected this way. I will continue to do so, using my brand new shiny printer, from today.

So, fellow creators, always, always protect yourself from intellectual property theft. And make millions!