Friday, October 22, 2010

The Test of Time

I'm looking my old stash of stories and outlines I did as a teenager.

The ones that withstood the test of time all had a very strong core at its center. Stories about dreams, choices or identity.

The ones that now seem stupid are all about posing on top of the KLCC skybridge or just my teen ideas of coolness - brooding characters rejected by society with superpowers.

Any story that stays, that lingers, for a long time, all have some basis in them. They all have some strong thing I wanted to say, even as a young man.

Older now, I can perhaps see some things more clearly, but I appreciate my younger self for his raw creativity and blunt honesty in his work.

I believe that I went through what I went through, and going through what I am going through, so that one day I can tell the stories my younger self penned in the middle of the night, fueled entirely by dreams.

I miss being creative. I miss making up stories for people to enjoy. Do I have enough balls to spend my weekends and off days writing stories again?

I think I need to take some time off and explore these things for a while. Suddenly, I am hit with the writing bug, but need to take a nap tonight. I'll start writing again after the break.