Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Having projects that won multiple major awards is great - say what you want about Magika and MySpy, but I believe them to be two of the best Malaysian movies in this century - and now I'm just focusing on my work.

I focus on shit I want to do and people I want to fuck. The rest are not relevant.

I mean, why worry about global warming and shit? The world has got to end some day, and people need to die one way or another.

Human rights can kiss my ass. As long as it doesn't affect me, the fuck should I care? I stand up only for Freedom of Speech and Expression, drawing the line at child pornography and underaged prostitution.

I hate both capitalists and communists in equal measure. They're all douchebags. Self-righteous, self-important business majors trying to be white.

Ah, I don't give a shit. I am busy making sure anything that has my name on it would be of the highest quality.

In fact, I curse myself and all my work that bear my name to do well financially and critically. I have an advantage in this anyway, seeing as how I'm the only person with balls to do anything. The rest of the lazy motherfuckers (not Lazy Motherfuckers or LMF, but just lazy motherfuckers) can all kiss my ass. Cowards, all of them!

I'm still standing here saying fuck the free world. I win. I always do. I applied the Xanatos Gambit years ago. I set up shit so that no matter how many haters I got, I'll still come out on top. And come on top of them fuckers.